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Developing A Side-Hustle In 2022!

How to Own Your Side-Hustle In 2022!

Vault of Progress
3 min readJan 26, 2022
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How many of you will be graduating in 2022? Well, congratulations! Let me ask you though. Have you developed a side-hustle for life after school? Yes, I know you’re applying to jobs and waiting for your dream career. However, that process can take 6 months to a year. Do you want to wait that long for financial security?

No! You’re ready to start your career now. This is why my team put together some tips for how to develop a side hustle in this blog. You don’t have to give up your dreams of the perfect career. Again, I hate to burst your bubble but perfection doesn’t exist. You just have to take action. Let your actions speaker louder than your words. To show you all what I mean, I’ll layout my morning until 7am EST below:

4am: Wake-Up

4:30am: Meditation/Prayer

5am: Plan for the Day]

5:30am: Created a LinkedIn PowerPoint Presentation

6am Checked Emails

6:30: Revising Medium Draft

Photo by Do Nhu on Unsplash

Now, it’s a little bit pass 7am and here we are at this moment. My habits have led me to a great start. My side-hustle has become my obligation to hold myself accountable for the things that allow me to make money. Yesterday, my blog on this platform was approved for publication. As the founder that made me proud. I needed to embrace the small win. I got Cookout with my family.

Still, I wanted to know how we can improve moving forward to reach our next goal. Give yourself a plan and work that plan. Start with that as your side-hustle. The revenue will become a after-thought as you develop a passion to develop your business. Basically, what I’m saying is when you think side-hustle, think business development or strategy first. A side-hustle will only get you so far in 2022. You need to develop stability.



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