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Featuring Intentional Success Tribe Ambassador, Sheikita Jackson

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3 min readMar 19, 2022

Welcome to the Success Tribe Summit Interview Series! This is week three (3) of this amazing series. We’re excited to bring you an amazing lineup of successful women entrepreneurs and business leaders each week. These women will be sharing their insights on why they collaborate to build community, grow their businesses, and advance their careers as part of the Intentional Success Tribe!

These women are on a mission to achieve success by focusing on collaboration instead of competition. They’ve got the receipts to prove that collaboration works! Please help me welcome our third summit ambassador, Sheikita Jackson.

She participated in an exciting discussion this week on Clubhouse. The conversation was about collaboration and serving our community. This was an amazing way to introduce another ambassador that will be a vital part of the Intentional Success Tribe Virtual Summit Interview Series.

The Virtual Success Summit is held twice a year to create space and build relationships for intentional collaborative partnerships between powerhouse women. This Spring’s Virtual Summit goes down on April 30th. Over the next several weeks we will be featuring interviews with ambassadors and speakers for this amazing event! Tonight, we say thank you to Sheikita Jackson! Checkout some of the responses from Sheikita Jackson during our Virtual Summit Interview Series.

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  • What’s your full name?
    Shekita Jackson
  • Where do you live? (Only provide the state that you operate your business in currently)

Who do you serve, why do you serve, and how do you serve?
I serve everyone from the child, the teenage mom, the career professional, the church leader, to the business owner. I teach others how to “Get Up & Lead” in whatever role they find themselves in. I assist individuals in creating strategic plans for forward progress in church, business, & community organizations.



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